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The next paragraph of the interview of Grandpa really stirs up my memories of my grandparents. (Remember that this interview was conducted in 1994. Grandpa and Grandma have been gone 13 years now).

Adrian is still very close to his children. He has twice weekly if not daily contact with all three. Adrian and Edna also have six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren and love to show you their pictures! They are looking forward to Thanksgiving when they will have 34 members of their family over for dinner. “Nobody can cook like Edna,” Adrian proclaims. (I know I gained three pounds eating her baked goods during the interviews!)

One of the most special parts of living in Michigan (until I moved away in 1990) was that my grandparents always visited. They didn’t wait for their children and grandchildren to come visit them, they got in their car (Grandpa driving as Grandma did not drive) and came to see us. When I lived at home with my parents, they visited there. And when I got married and had my own apartment and then house, they visited me, too.

During the summer and fall they always brought vegetables grown in their garden and a jar of Grandma’s ratatouille. In the winter they brought Grandma’s cookies or fruit bread.

Here is Grandma’s recipe for Pumpkin Bread, which I am sharing through the old recipe card I wrote myself. Bake 1 hour or 50 means an hour or 50 minutes, but don’t get mad at my lack of clarity if you mess it up ;).

Just because they visited us often, doesn’t mean we didn’t go see them. At one point they moved very close to where my husband and I lived, and I liked to stop by their house. I never left without something special clutched in my hands–zucchini, zucchini bread, an old newspaper article.

My own kids admiring their great-grandparents' flowers

My own kids admiring their great-grandparents’ flowers

My grandparents doted on their family, and we felt the same way about them.

Grandma holding her first grandchild (that's me)

Grandma holding her first grandchild (that’s me)

I hope you’ll stay tuned for Part XII or “The Final Episode” of Grandpa’s story . . . .

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