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Photo by Rudy Hanson

After reading another post on Wednesday about Grandma’s high school graduation scrapbook, I thought you might like to see the Mulder family from Caledonia. Remember that in Edna’s scrapbook she memorialized the graduation of herself and her sister Dorothy. This photo must be from the 1980s.

From left to right, standing:

  • Conrad Plott
  • Edna Zuidweg
  • Ruth Ann Mulder
  • Chuck Mulder
  • Adrian Zuidweg
  • Alton Stimson
  • Dorothy Plott

From left to right, sitting:

  • Ruby Mulder
  • Pete Mulder
  • Vena Stimson

The five Mulder siblings in order:

Dorothea Rosa Mulder (1910-1996) who married Conrad Plott (1905-1889)

Lucille Edna Mulder (1912-2000) who married Adrian Zuidweg (1908-2000) [my grandparents]

Alvena Mulder (1913-2000) who married Alton W. Stimson (1911-1996)

Peter Godfrey Mulder (1915-1986) who married Ruby Elizabeth Ayers (1920-2007)

Charles Peter Mulder (1917-1989) who married Ruth Ann Holton (born 1924)

Ruth Ann, a very special lady, is the youngest of the group, and she lives near her daughter.

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