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Happy Father’s Day to my father this Sunday!

For Father’s Day last year, I posted about my dad’s military service here. In light of the holiday, I thought I would share with you something about my dad. He has two speeds: 1) keep going (hyper) and 2) asleep. I’m kind of like that myself, which is why I am always doing something. If I’m not doing work-work, I’m puttering around the house, doing “stuff.” Blogging even ;).

My dad has a pole barn with a full workshop, and he has a basement with lots of stuff going on down there, too. He likes to make arty crafts and give them away to people. He doesn’t sell them, but he always is making something for somebody else.  He is a wood-worker and also crafts really cool scrap metal sculptures.

Here’s another one where I used Picmonkey’s Boost feature to pop a photo with mediocre lighting and bad loading:

Scrap metal sculpture bird (with rock ant in foreground)

He’s also took some pretty scrubby lake property and turned it into a beautiful garden.

Since this is a family history blog, I thought I would show a photo of his grandfather’s property outside his beautiful house in Elmhurst in the 20s and 30s. It looks like Frank Klein, my father’s grandfather, built a gazebo, fish pond, and rock garden. They also had a garden. Sounds familiar . . . .

In the photo, Dad is the twin boy with the lighter hair. His sister is the older girl, and the man is his uncle. The little girl might have been a neighbor child.



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