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Over two years ago I published this post, asking for the identity of a girl in a photo I discovered. I have another clue now, which I will post at the end.


The photograph was created from a glass negative taken by Joseph DeKorn. All of his photographs were taken between approximately 1895 and 1918, and the majority were shot in Kalamazoo.

Although I don’t know who this lovely girl is, I have hopes that I can eventually discover her identity. The juxtaposition of the two houses might lead to a solution, for instance.

Any ideas on the time period of the dress, hair, and shoes (within that 1895-1918 range)?

I remember wearing tights that bagged at the knees like these stockings. Do you think they are cotton?

I’ll put Balch Street and Burdick Street in the tags for this post, just in case it was taken in the neighborhood where Joseph lived.



I found another photo of the girl, taken probably at the same time, at the same place, but with the addition of an adult Alice Leeuwenhoek, but most likely before her marriage to Clarence Moerdyk.  The above photo was made from a glass negative, but this one was an actual photograph I found in a different family collection.

Alice was born in 1897, so can we say that this photo is somewhere around 1917?


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I wonder which Richard DeKorn building site this is.  The thin line of trees behind it is interesting because that doesn’t look like right downtown.  What do you think the buildings behind the site are?  And that long low structure?

The next photo was identified by reader David K. as “the old city hall in Grand Rapids.” http://cdn.loc.gov/service/pnp/habshaer/mi/mi0000/mi0015/photos/089268pv.jpg This makes sense because the photographer, Joseph DeKorn, ended up going to work for the City of Grand Rapids, eventually becoming  Superintendent of the Grand Rapids Water and Light Company. The details of the building are beautiful, as is the landscaping.

Joseph DeKorn took the following photo of Kalamazoo’s downtown. Comments by readers help to describe more about the location.

Downtown Kalamazoo

Downtown Kalamazoo

As usual, I don’t know enough about these photographs.  The first one was a photo I found with old newspaper clippings.  The other two were from glass negatives taken by Joseph DeKorn.  Any guesses on age, based on the clothing of the people?

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