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Here are a few of my family photos showing their methods of transportation one hundred plus years ago in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

These first two photos (above and below) seem to be the same wagon, but is it the same horse? This house is Richard DeKorn’s house, so I am going to guess it was his wagon and horse. The wagon looks fairly comfy with the upholstered seat and the umbrella.

This next one is also at Richard DeKorn’s house (on the left in the photo). It’s a horse-drawn sled, necessary for getting around in the winter!


LHcd382_LHcd382-R1-E014This last one could have been taken out in public as the two men on the right side of the photo are not posing for the shot. This wagon is not plush like the other and is pulled by a team of two horses. It appears to be more of a work vehicle (like a pickup ;)), but the pole jutting up from the bed looks suspiciously like a fishing pole.

You are all good at finding things in photos I haven’t seen. What have I missed?

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